Will the Zappar App recognize QR Codes?

I know the webar viewer can recognize them but it doesn’t appear that the Zappar app does. Will this be implemented in the future? I would like to switch over to putting the QR image on my products, but since the browser app is beta I am hesitant to do so. If the Zappar APP could recognize them though, I could use QR codes everywhere, have a user try first with their browser and if a user’s browser isn’t up to date, I could tell them to download the Zappar app instead.

Additionally, what happened to the square Zappar triggers? All of my previous products have used them and switching over to a circle breaks the symmetry. Will they ever be added back?


Don’t know about the scanning part but I was part of the beta testing the website and I saw that they got rid of the square codes. I even said something. So maybe they will being them back. But I think you can edit a round one and make it square.


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The Zappar app doesn’t scan QR codes, it scans Zappar codes

Hi there,

I’d recommend you check out our article here on zapcode customisation. You’ll still be able to make zapcodes look square like you used to, however, it’ll take you longer than usual to add it to your projects.

Regarding the Zappar App being able to scan QR codes, it’s a feature which we’re looking to implement, but I’m unable to give a timeframe for when this will be done.

I hope this clarifies things :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if this was ever looked into. It’s been almost 2 years. Is this possible yet?


Has this feature ever been reconsidered? Zappar app scanning QR codes?