What is the best way to share Zapcode Content?

Hi have a quick question about sharing content in Zapcodes.

At our company we make personalized souvenirs, which are basically photos that come to life. Pretty much what you guys showed in this tutorial ZapWorks Designer: How to make images come to life.

However, we wanted to see if there was a way for people to share the video the Zapcode overlays on the photo through social networks.

So I guess the questions are: “Is this possible?” and “What’s the best way to do it?”



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Hi Derek,

It is possible for the user to save a Designer video to their device using the ‘Allow saving to device’ property as mentioned in the following document - https://docs.zap.works/designer/content-options/properties/#a3-video

From there they could then access the video and share it manually, there isn’t really a way to have this happen automatically.

Hope this helps.


Great Thanks again Mark!