What components shall I use?


Hi guys,

I want to understand which components of the studio do I need to use to do an AR like this one.

If you have any project/tutorial to understand how will be great!!



They are using zapbox but it’s just a mask and a photo sphere.
augmented-portal for the mask part
panorama for photo sphere


Ar ´portal 3d

Hi @guillermo.velasco,

Thanks for the question :slight_smile:

So this is actually using a brand new tool that is coming to our newest version of Studio, Studio 6!

It utilises world tracking and allows objects to be placed into a real-world scene making it seem as if it is really there!

@stevesanerd is correct in saying that the photosphere is being used for when the user walks through the door, with a few 3D models added in to give a realistic feel (the flags in the New York scene for instance).

With the release of Studio 6, will additionally mean the release of brand new tutorials and documentation! These will include an explanation on how to create experiences much like the New York/Hong Kong project developed for Lufthansa.

Please keep an eye out for this highly anticipated update as it should be here towards the end of the year! In the meantime, we will keep you updated on the forum :slight_smile:

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COOL!!! Real world tracking can’t wait!!!



Thanks guys for your replies,

Awesome, I’m going to be waiting for that new cool feature. :metal:


I’ve been so very excited about this for a few weeks now. SO excited. I can’t wait! I’ve already been creating a studio file and assets that will hopefully be able to be used with this world tracking.

Is this a Christmas present? Or perhaps sooner? pant pant pant

Thoughts and questions …

Will we be able to anchor the experience in a predetermined spot, rather than allowing the user to place the start where they like? I guess this would be like sticking one zap code to the floor. I think this ability will be good for group experiences where everyone is seeing the same virtual space inside of the same physical space. Also, it would be good in situations where you want to use a particular physical space, and want to avoid users from overlapping the wall with the virtual space.

Will users be able to walk outside of the 3d space? In the demos you’ve provided, for example, would someone be able to walk off the edge of the balcony into the air? Or is there a way to stop this from happening?

I was thinking that if the user’s position can be detected to overlap a thing … a plane … a 3d object … then something could be made to happen (ie. the user is reset … or something “bad” is made to happen in the case of a game, if the user walks off the intended path).


Hi @shawnjoh,

Glad to hear you are as excited as us for the release! We do not have a set date at the moment as we are still in development but will be posting regular updates on the forum so keep an eye on that.

Regarding anchoring the experience to a predetermined spot - it seems as though it would actually be better to use a target image. Using a target would mean that if multiple users were to be looking at the experience from different angles, they would all see the same relative to the target.

Within a world tracking experience, trigger regions can be positioned in the scene as well as a collider on the user’s screen. Once the trigger region is entered it will activate a triggerenter event which can then, in turn, initiate the user position to be reset/“bad thing to happen”. :slight_smile:

We are looking forward to seeing what can be created using world tracking as we know our users never fail to impress us!

Hope this helps,



Hi George,
I supposed the Walmart App (https://twitter.com/i/status/1070331133567614981) was made using these new features, soon available with Studio 6? :smile:

Oh, BTW, I have also noticed a demo with a racing helmet in your promo video… face recognition???:stuck_out_tongue:


I was told there will be face recognition!! Hope soon…



Great news,

Using a tracking image / Triggerenter - yay! That works.