WebAR custom splash screen



We are creating a webAR experience but our client wants to custom the red splash screen

The Pro Plan indicates:

Hosting for WebAR projects included
Up to 25MB / project
ZapWorks branding removed —> do the splash screen customizable is included in this plan?

Or what is the price for get this feature?



Hi @aweround ,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The ZapWorks branding mentioned above is in relation to projects created with our Universal AR computer vision libraries / SDKs, which display a watermark by default. While Universal AR allows you to build your own websites with our AR tech, these do not include the scanning component present in our WebAR platform.

The red splash screen you are referring to is part of our WebAR platform, of which we do offer a white-label option that allows you to customise the screen at an additional cost.

If you have any more questions about either of these options, please drop us an email at contact@zappar.com

Hope this helps,