Web AR full screen?


Is it possible to remove all the stuff around the experience when using webAR. Full screen mode so we don’t see anything rather than the experience itself like using normal zapcode?


You mean like my post here :smile:



Ohhh What?? I should have guessed the Nerdy had already done that!! Thanks Steve. So from what I understand we have to do that individually rather something we can code?


LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:

As of right now from what I understand. Unless the guys get some kind of code to go full screen.
They did say they are redoing the app so maybe we will get true full screen soon. It only make sense because with the zappar bar and the browser bar takes up alot of screen space.



Any updates on this from someone at Zappar?


Hi Eric,

If you go in to a project’s triggers tab, you’ll be able to modify the layout of your WebAR page by selecting the options button next to your project’s QR code.

Hope this helps!


It did help remove the double toolbar, but other tools and webar pages have fullscreen options to remove all tool/address bars. Even if was a button we could add to the experience or a part of the Zappar toolbar would work.



Are there other options besides hide/show the toolbar? As on iOS devices there is an audio button on the toolbar if the experience has audio. Could we customise how it works?


It would be nice to have such an option. It wouldn’t work on mobile Safari though.


I have asked for this myself when WebAR came out. You lose so much screen from the header. I did find how to do it on my own device. more or less same as you link. But no way to set it thru the zap.



The toolbar is a Zappar integrated UI. Perhaps could give the option to customise perhaps the colour of the toolbar too.


So, if i understand it right. There is no way to disable the browser URL bar in Web_AR?


Not that I have seen yet.