Video Question


I feel I am missing something simple, I can’t seem to figure out how to get a video to play on touch and pause on touch on a regular plane. I didn’t see a tutorial on including a video is there anybody able to help with the process?

Also is it possible to directly load a video in to a project rather than a link to a video?


Hi, here are 2 quick examples how to do it.
You have to import a plane and a video. Then you choose the material of the plane (your video) and then you just write a short script on pointerdown.
The difference between the two examples is, in first one named videoTest.zpp you start the video by pressing the button, and in the other one named videoTest2.zpp, you start the video by pressing on the video.
Hope it helps!


videoTest.zpp (179.2 KB)
videoTest2.zpp (179.3 KB)


Hi @jeremy.brunner,

Thanks for your question.

You should check out the step by step tutorial on Streaming video in the 3D view. This will take you from start to finish explaining how to get a video into a scene that implements start/stop controls without using scripting.

Although, if you did want to learn how to script the controls, much like @mark.bogataj18 has done in his example. You can have a look into our documentation on the Video player symbol.

Hope this helps!



Thank you both very much! Those examples were perfect mark!