Video not displaying / playing


I am having difficulty getting MP4 (web optimised) video to play or display in Zapworks.

There is no issues linking to an external video such as Youtube, however I only receive an error message when using my own hosted video link.

Can anyone suggest anything that might help with this?


Hey there,

Could you let us know which tool you are using so we can offer a specific solution?




Do you mean compression tools? or editing software? or tools within Zapworks?


is it possible that video is not displaying correctly due to being in the trial version of Zapworks studio?


Hi Adam,

Apologies for not being specific, I meant to ask which ZapWorks tool you are using (Studio, Designer or Widgets).

I’ll get a colleague to respond soon :slight_smile:



I have an MP4 video and have used Handbrake to web optimise the video.

The video was exported from Premiere using h.264

I have then imported the video to Zapworks and moved it over to the hierarchy but from here the video fails to display or attach to a plane.


Not a problem, I am using Zapworks Studio