Video controls


Hi there,

I’m trying to make a simple project that plays an embedded video over a tracked photo with playback controls along with buttons allowing for the video to be saved and played full screen.

This is very easy to do in Designer, however I’m not happy with the amount of automatic compression the video files are subject to so trying to replicate this in Studio as I believe there is more control over the quality of the video.

I’ve managed to create an embedded video that automatically plays over the tracked image, however can’t find which function to use for the buttons to allow the save and full screen functions. The closest I’ve found is the saveToDevice and playFullScreenVideo functions, however both appear to require a URL to a hosted video. I’d like to use the embedded video just as Designer seems to allow.

I did also find the Video Player Symbol that could resolve all of my issues, however once again this appears to require an externally hosted video. How can I get this working with a local video contained in the project itself?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Hello I would also like to find some more information in regards to this exact issue.