Video capturing in the face tracking


Hi @stevesanerd and Zappar team
I want to know how the user can capture video of face filters then save and share it?
I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything.
please help me for this.
Best Regards


The video file I gave you sometime back has the code you can use. It will record what ever is on the screen.



Hi @stevesanerd
Thanks for your reply,but that code you gave me before,It records the gifs only but I want to record videos with sounds.
I tried to use this( Video Recorder ) but it didn’t work.
please guide me.
Thank you


Ok. Sorry as far as I know you can’t record videos or sound in zappar.
Is that @Seb?



Thanks @stevesanerd
Do you have any information about competition result?


I wish!! :scream::scream:

I think I’m getting them mad at me because I keep asking. The last I was told hopefully by the end of the week. That was Friday … so… But with the site update and how big this competition is I can see why it’s taking so long… I just wish where was more updates on things. I check the first thing every morning. Even when I was camping…



as far as I know you can’t record videos or sound in zappar.
Is that?
zappar ??


Yes I think it has taken so long,maybe they didn’t like the projects.


Part of me was thinking that as well. One thing I was told was that Sipsmith was supposed to be coming in to zappar to finish things but that was 2 -3 weeks ago.