Video capturing in the face tracking


Hi @stevesanerd and Zappar team
I want to know how the user can capture video of face filters then save and share it?
I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything.
please help me for this.
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The video file I gave you sometime back has the code you can use. It will record what ever is on the screen.



Hi @stevesanerd
Thanks for your reply,but that code you gave me before,It records the gifs only but I want to record videos with sounds.
I tried to use this( Video Recorder ) but it didn’t work.
please guide me.
Thank you


Ok. Sorry as far as I know you can’t record videos or sound in zappar.
Is that @Seb?



Thanks @stevesanerd
Do you have any information about competition result?


I wish!! :scream::scream:

I think I’m getting them mad at me because I keep asking. The last I was told hopefully by the end of the week. That was Friday … so… But with the site update and how big this competition is I can see why it’s taking so long… I just wish where was more updates on things. I check the first thing every morning. Even when I was camping…



as far as I know you can’t record videos or sound in zappar.
Is that?
zappar ??


Yes I think it has taken so long,maybe they didn’t like the projects.


Part of me was thinking that as well. One thing I was told was that Sipsmith was supposed to be coming in to zappar to finish things but that was 2 -3 weeks ago.



Some Have done this but I don’t know how to do it.


I was playing with it as well here is a simple code.
video recorder.zpp (3.7 KB)



Thank you @gapizabala


Thank you @stevesanerd
As every time you help us .


Thank You Steve! did it work on your device?


My test code did on my Samsung Galaxy s7. It asked for permission to use audio and to save to device. It saved the video in a folder called videos. I had to use my file manager to get to it.

I haven’t tested it on an apple yet though.



Hi @stevesanerd
Happy holidays
In this code (video recorder) we have " record.share(); " but it doesn’t work and has error.
would you please guide me?

Best regards


Try this:
record.share("#Zappar Powered");
I would also look at @George video recorder sub symbol HERE>> Just add it to your project.



Thanks @stevesanerd