Video appearing small



I uploaded a video (mp4. format) that appears quite large when I play it in Quicktime on my computer, but when I scan the Zappar code with it embedded, it appears very tiny, like a thumbnail in the centre of my phone’s screen. Do you know why it is not taking advantage of the whole screen? The aspect ratio is the same. Something must have happened during the upload and Zappifying progress that made it small.

Thank you,


Hi Joel,

If you’re using the Designer tool and you have the Grab and Go option enabled then you may have content placed off of the edge of the screen.

This causes your content to shrink to maintain a constant scale across all of your scenes.

You could check that you don’t have any content placed off-screen in Designer.

Hope this helps, if you’re still having issues please let me know.

All the best,


Hi Seb,

I face the same problem with the Grab and Go option in Designer. When the camera points away from the target image, the content will re-scale and appear really small. No content is placed off-screen in Designer. Can you please help? Thanks.