Video alpha loop


good afternoon. I’m having trouble with the alpha video loop issue. below is the code that does not work. the video starts but does not loop. Thanks for listening!


You need to move the on finished code or the end. After the last });
It will not run inside the seen block.



Thanks for the answer. Where should I put the code? I put it on show node and it did not work


You need to add a 2nd start or restart line of code in the on seen. One is to start it the on finished is to restart when finished.



Sorry for disturbing you so much, but I could not understand. below my codes. what’s wrong?


Sorry I was out. On first photo of code. Add your simon_*_mp4.start();
Just after the display
Keep the on finished where it is.
I’m on my phone so I cant make a demo code for you.



Thank you for your time responding. did not work. on Monday I will continue, if you can help there, thank you.


Here is the demo code from [Alpha video in Studio] post .(

I added the on finished code to it. This will make the video loop.
AlphaVideoWithLoop.zpp (1.6 MB)

Image of the coding…

Hope it helps.



Thank you, it worked. Actually the problem is that I was running tests on the zappar app that exists in zappar studio. when I tested it on my cell phone, it worked normally