[URGENT!] 3D Textures Suddenly Missing in Live Projects


I recently published a 3D carnival project and it has been working well for the past few weeks.

Unfortunately, yesterday morning the textures on the 3D objects stopped appearing leaving the whole carnival to be white.

How it’s supposed to be:

How it is now:

The issue is with the arweb.app link cause the textures are displayed in web.zappar.com link and also the Zappar app.

Here’s the link to the experience : https://arweb.app/?zid=z/2Xvn1c&rs=0&menu=0&toolbar=0

My Pro Plan is still active and I have not run out of views yet.

Is there any way to solve this asap as the campaign is live and the client is not happy.


Hi Warran,

I believe my colleague Fran is in conversation with you about this through our support channel.

It looks like there’s a little bug with our arweb.app site (lite branded). We are currently working on a fix and will hopefully have something deployed later today.

We will update on this thread and also the support ticket when we have some more information.



Hi George, thanks for your reply. Hope this gets fixed asap. Thank you once again.


Hi @waran.danny,

I believe we were able to solve this issue with a patch deployment yesterday. :tada:

If you have any further queries, please respond to your support ticket and we’ll be happy to help!

Have a great day,
Francesca :blush: