Uploading local video in studio


Hi i have been struggling to upload a local video into studio (which is not a streamed video). The idea is to have an image trigger a button, and then pressing the button plays a video which is tracked to the image on a page. I am struggling to find a tutorial or instructional documentation that gives a step-by-step on how to achieve this. Most of the tutorials focus on alpha videos and video textures. Could you please link me to a resource that can help me with this?


I don’t have a tutorial but here is a sample code that will do what you’re looking for.
The button is tracked to the image. When pressed the button is disabled and the video plane is shown and tracked to the image. After the video is finished it will re-hide the video plain and enable the button.

Watch your video file size!! This demo is 12.8MB. Having videos in your code will make your project larger!! Longer download times on load up!!

Here is the zpp file:
Local Video Help.zpp (12.4 MB)

Here is the tracking image I used:



Hi Steve

thank you very much, this helps a lot. I will work from your file and apply the steps into my files.


Your welcome. Let me know if you have any questions.