Unreal Engine Obj Model issues

So I’m trying to import a model from unreal into Zapworks studio and it’s causing this issue. Now I’ve imported a similar model from 3ds Max into Zapworks studio and it works fine enough. Any idea what’s going on here?

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I’m sorry for you! It’s happen to me too.

And it is very hard to find info about how to solve. Do you solve the issue? I hope yes, please!

Totally get the frustration when dealing with model compatibility between Unreal Engine and Zapworks Studio. It can be a real headache. One suggestion I have is to check out UE4 Dumper. It’s been a lifesaver for me in similar situations.
I remember a time when I was working on a project, and I ran into similar issues. I tried importing a model from Unreal, and it caused all sorts of headaches. But when I gave UE4 Dumper a shot, it really smoothed out the process. It’s like a secret weapon for dealing with these compatibility quirks.