Universal AR


Hey guys anyone having a problem with A-Frame Universal SDK ?
Mine are:

  1. Jittery models
  2. Poor tracking / anchoring of object with world and image tracking
  3. Face tracking freezes and objects have a delay when following the face.

I’ve tested this on both a mid and high range android and iPad pro.
I’m using the code in the docs as is, except for world tracking I added a glb , which shows up but jitters and does not stick to the image or anchor to the world space.

Please let me know if there’s anything I’m missing.


Hi @newreality,

This is interesting. We’ve not had any other reports of A-Frame specifically having slowdown issues.

Is this when testing locally or once the project has been published? If published (to ZapWorks), could you send the project URL to support@zappar.com? If you have any other information or video recordings of the issues, it would be great to send them across as well.

I’ll do some vigorous testing with A-Frame to make sure there are no clear issues.