Universal AR for Unity not loading

I followed a Zappworks YouTube tutorial for uploading a universal AR project to webGL. I built the project and everything works, but when I serve the project “zapworks serve --lan” the project never loads. I am using a simple fbx and the project builds fine, so I think the issue is happening with the player. When I have compression turned on, it never loads. When I disable compression, it throws an error. I have an Apple M1 mac and I am using Unity 2021 for Apple silicon. Please help if you can.
Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 12.47.33 AM
Project tree ^

compression settings ^

result when I have compression enabled ^

result when I have compression disabled ^

Hi @johnson.kat.g

We recommend using using Brotli compression with Decompression Fallback option checked in WebGL Publishing settings. However, you should be able to use other GZip or none as well, with subsequent fallback option.

Now, regarding the runtime wasm error, I fear it’s due latest iOS release of 15.4. You can read about working around this here. Note that it is an unofficial fix collated from Unity forums, and required only for ensuring webgl build works on iOS version 15.4.

Hope that helps.


thank you so much!