Unity WebGL build shows up nothing


Hello, I’m new to zapper.

I followed the simple instructions of importing the zapper package to unity, then building it out for webgl by selecting the zapper webgl template. One of the issues I had with the package was when I tired to create a camera using the zapper menu up top, it gave me an error telling me that the object doesn’t exist. And fair enough it didn’t. It was using the name Zapper Camera but there was no such object. So instead I manually placed the zapper rear camera into the scene and tried to build my project.

This is the link to it: https://webxr.run/ARagQQQokGWE

As you’ll see, it doesn’t load up. All it shows is: {{{ PRODUCT NAME }}}

If anyone has any insights on this, please let me know.


So I tried re-importing the package file for zapper and it works, kinda. What is happening is that it’s rendering the scene view but it isn’t asking for camera access or permissions or rendering the view from the background. I’ll link it here.


Please let me know why isn’t the camera rendering the real world environment or even asking for camera permissions?


Hi @ananya.samp,

Which browser are you trying to view this project on?

Firefox won’t ask for permissions by default: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1609427.

Please try using a different browser (Google Chrome) and let me know if the permissions are prompted and the camera view is shown.