Unity + URP background gamma wrong


It looks like the background Gamma for URP projects is being gamma corrected to 2.2. Matching the video feed between Builtin and URP, the URP needs a post process Gamma of 0.454545 to get similar image. Is this just me or are others seeing it? Any ideas on this?

Unity: 2020.3.18f1 (Windows)
URP: 10.6.0
UAR: 1.1.1-preview.1
Platform: WebGL
Tested: zapworks serve lan



Interesting, do you mind sharing few image references for same. I don’t see any noticeable difference in background camera texture between the URP and standard pipeline.

Natively we are processing camera feed into RGBA8 (sRGB/RGB) and rely upon Unity’s texture cross over for rendering this in gamma/linear space. Do you think it could be any post processing effect i.e. - HDR, tonemapping etc. causing this?

Just to clarify, you’re specifically comparing background camera textures and not the unity rendered scenes (virtual environment).



Flag as random results. I recreated the project from blank Unity 3D project, which I manually converted to URP and UAR. I am not having any issues with the background in this.

So may have been something in the UAR sample, or I didn’t switch over to SRP properly in the UAR sample scene I was using.


I will report back if it comes back.

Thanks for checking,