Unity Editor Play Mode



I was first able to try the Universal AR SDK through Unity and I have to say the potential is amazing. I enjoyed using it, but I am troubled by the long build times. Is there any way to use the play mode in the Editor? I saw that there is an option to select the EditorCamera in the ZapparCamera.cs script attached to the Zappar Camera prefab. I’d like to know more about that and if it is possible to use the Play mode in Editor to circumvent long builds and speed up my workflow process.


I had trouble getting the AR camera to work in my Mac Unity Editor.

If you are building an Image Target AR experience, you can create a dev camera that is only active when you are running in Unity Editor, and disable the Zappar camera:

public GameObject zapparCamera;
public GameObject devCamera; 

Then you aim the dev camera at the image target in your scene so you can build your 3D animations and test them in Play mode.