Uncompleted fbx animations & glb/gltf is not render on mobile


Im building a webAR experience on Zapworks studio using image recognition and rendering a mouth lip sync animation. This is how it looks:

I’m working with Blender and having the uncompleted fbx animations issue.
Al animations stops in 280 frame.
We check the forum and learn it is a current bug.

Then we tried exporting the file to glb and gltf to try.
Models are imported, looks great and animation has all frames in Zapworks.

BUT but I can’t see the animation on mobile/chrome/android (i don’t have an iphone to test it yet)
Is not rendering nothing related with the model on mobile but (heres is the wierdest thing for me) It does works and looks flawless in Zapworks preview in my mac.

Please HELP!