Unable to Connect

Hello, we are having trouble using Zappar at school. If a coin is to be loaded, the message “unable to connect” appears. But the devices are connected to the internet through the school network. We think it’s the firewall, but we can’t pinpoint exactly where. We use Octogate for the educational network and PFSense.Can anyone help us?

Best regards

P. Kiefer

It gets even more complicated. “Zaps” from “Browse Zaps” open fine, but scanning any Zapcode always gives the error message.

Hello, P.Kiefer,

If you’re having the trouble with Zappar, it’s possible that the issue lies with the firewall settings. It could be blocking the necessary connection for Zappar to function properly. I suggest reaching out to your IT department or network admin to check the firewall settings on both Octogate and PFSense. They should be able to help you troubleshoot and configure the firewall to allow the required connections for Zappar.

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