Treasure hunt options - Moving from Reveal


I have a educational type Treasure hunt game made in HP Reveal. Since they no longer support the solution I used I needed to find a new solution and I like Zapworks. A lot less bugs if nothing else :slight_smile:
Studio is a bit over my head at the moment and designer is more limited since it doesn’t handle 3D objects so I will either have to learn new skills or change the game slightly. NP.

What I am struggling with at the moment is if there are other limitations that will make the transition harder:

The game itself is in public space. So no Tags possible. So it previously relied on target image identification and GPS location. HP reveal had a system where you ‘sunscribed’ to all ‘projects’ (aura in Reveal?) and there was even a simple option to force the user to detect the projects/auras in a specific order.

In this case:
The users are bringing their own devices.
Optimum would be if the could use both webAR and App
Users range from childreen to geeks so I need to keep it simple so all can take part in the game.
The gameinfo gives you the first location and when you find location 1 target the info leading to location 2 is revealed. The came currently has 5 locations plus a fifth physical ‘treasurchest’

As I understand it from looking at zapworks I find some challenges and want to make sure I did not missunderstand:

I need to consider the four tresure hunt positions as separate projects?
There is no way to search for multiple tagetimages, so I need to manually link from one project to the next? The only practical solution I found so far is placing a linkbutton in project1 to project2…?

Did I understand the limitations correctly? Could I do this in a better way?

Thanks in advance for any input.