Transparency setting for PNG content objects in Zapworks Designer

Hello – Can designer adjust transparency of content objects within the Designer interface? I want to place lots of content objects on the image target. The content objects will overlap here and there, and I want to do be able adjust transparency of the objects so that the layers show through?

OR…should the source PNG be prepared already with transparency, so that, once they are placed, the layered effect will show (but without the ability to adjust the degree of transparency within Designer)?

Also, how does one manage the hierarchy of the overlapping target objects in Designer? I know Studio has the hierarchy panel. Does Designer have it too?

Thank you.

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Hi seol,

In Designer you currently can’t adjust the transparency of content objects within the interface, so you’ll have to prepare the image with a certain level of transparency before you upload it.

Designer manages hierarchies by how each object is viewed inside the Editor, rather than Studio which has a dedicated hierarchy function.

Thanks for the useful feedback, we hope to take this onboard to a future update of Designer :slight_smile:

Hope this clarifies things,