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Hi there!

I’ve been working in Zapworks Studio for a while now. Our company is situated in Poland, and we have a lot of polish clients looking for AR implementations using Studio.

There is a huge inconvenience when working with the Polish language (and I can expect other languages as well) in Studio. Usually when I want to add text to my scene I just add a font file and then use it as a text node, like any normal person would. But when creating a project that’s meant to be in Polish, I can’t do that, because Studio doesn’t see any of our language-specific letters (ąęóżćźł and so on).

That means I’m forced to make .png images with the text on them as opposed to just using a text node, which not only is hugely inconvenient, it also weighs down any project I’m working on substantially.

So I’ve been wondering, are there any plans to add support for non-english letters in text nodes in the near future?

With respect, Mat from High Grade Immersive Solutions


This is pulled from Studio’s “Working with Text” documentation, but here’s the important bit:

By default Latin script (i.e. English characters), numbers and basic punctuation are included. Additional elements (such as accents, or characters used in other languages) can be included by right-clicking on the font in the Media Library and selecting “Properties”.

So I’d suggest making sure your .ttf (font) file has those provided characters from the Polish language, and then just make sure you add them in via the properties menu. Hope that helps!



Holy cow I didn’t think it was this easy.
Thank you kind person!


Thanks Atlas! Spot on.

Just add the additional characters to the font and you should be good to go!