Studio or Designer


I am very new to Zapworks, Im interested in doing 2d animated greeting cards and t-shirts.
Would Studio or Designer be best please ?


It really depends on what you want to see. Designer can do simple things where Studio can do a lot more.
What kind of things are you looking to see in the zap?



Thanks for the reply , much appreciated.
im very new to this and looking at all the Docs.
I want to create a 2d cartoon style greeting card like the one shown here -

Is the content created in external software like photoshop and imported into zapworks ?


No problem.
Yes you will make most of your content in external software. Something like this I think in Designer would be two videos and when you press the cup (button) it would play the 2nd video. I don’t know how well it will work in Designer, but I know you can do it all in Studio.



thanks very much Steve
so I would create the animation in Toon Boom (2d animation software) and export this as a video file , then import to Zapworks ?


Yes. If the video is to big you may want to host it.