Studio: Deleting Project from Web portal prevents publishing


Issue: Deleting Project from web portal that was the last published project prevents further publishing of the project.

  • Create a project in Studio “Delete Test-Studio”
  • Create project on the web portal “Delete Test-Web”
  • Publish “Delete Test-Studio” to “Delete Test-Web”
  • Delete “Delete Test-Web”
  • Attempt to publish “Delete Test-Studio”
  • Error Unable to Access Zapworks


Affecting: All Studio projects.

Workaround: If available reimport project from ZPP and publish.




  • Create a new project in Studio
  • Copy full folder contents from bad project to new project
  • Publish

So the questions are where is the publish data stored and why is the fallback to complain about Access versus making the user choose where to publish?



So I found where the data is stored.


  • rename %appdata%\ZapWorks-Studio
  • restart ZapWorks Studio
  • Publish project


Thanks @eric.craft,

This is something we are aware of and will look at getting a fix out in the next Studio build.

Great work finding a workaround. Another quick way is to export the project and then import it as a brand new project. As this is a new Studio project, it won’t have the ZapWorks project stored when you try to publish.