Stream videos on multiple pages

Hi, I’m working on a project, where I’d like to stream videos on multiple pages of a booklet. Your example projects works in principle. However, as soon as I add an own symbol (e.g. blank symbol or a video player) I get errors. The new subsymbol seems to be undefined. So I only can duplicate the once, you created and change them. But I cannot add any other symbols to it. Do you have any Idea, what’s happening there? Is it some kinde of version compatibility issue? I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Hi @tokarev,

I’ve moved this post away from the main thread as it’s more project specific.

It’s difficult to tell what’s happening here without seeing the project. Does the new instance of the subsymbol have anything assigned to the “Symbol Definition” property?

Could you share some screenshots of the project in Studio?