Specialized groups


So…here’s an example of why specialized groups would be interesting. I want all images inside a group to have a certain layer mode. Currently, I need to go at each image, one by one, and set its layer mode. I want to be able to group them together and set the layer mode once. So specialized groups would serve the purpose of doing specific bulk operations relevant to the object type.


Hi @marcus,

Thanks for your feature request.

It’s an interesting example you’ve mentioned. Specialised groups could be troublesome as we’d also have to implement a guard against nodes of the wrong type being added to a group.

Perhaps an alternative potential solution would be the ability to multi-select nodes in the Hierarchy and, if they’re of the same type, allow certain properties to be edited on all selected nodes.

I’ll bring both of these up with the team and let you know when we have an update on this feature request.

Thanks again,


Your alternative is even better.