Shelf life trial zapcodes


Hi there! I am trying out Zappar to see if I can use it with my students. Quick question: What happens to zapcodes that have been created with a 30-day-trial account after the 30 days are over? Will they still work?


Hi there,

Once your trial ends, the following will occur to your zapcodes:

  • Your account will become read-only and your zapcodes un-published
  • After ten days your content will be deleted and your zapcodes archived

You can keep your zapcodes by purchasing an Educator seat if you are on an Education workspace, or a Basic/ Pro seat if you are on a Business workspace.

Hope this helps,


It does, thank you. If school decides to purchase an account can the archived zapcodes be re-activated? My job involves exam students and their creations need to be saved for up to three years.


If you purchase a seat, you’ll be able to un-archive your zapcodes and republish them :slight_smile: