Sharing on social media

Is there going to be any sharing possibilities with Instagram in the near future? I feel this would be an amazing addition in light of Zappar being a primarily visual medium.


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Sorry I am a fool, I can see you can already do this…


Been there done that. Lol



I think i meant how can hashtags be used, in the way they are on Twitter…

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Old thread but I totally feel you on the sharing front, dude! Instagram integration would be wicked for Zappar, especially with its visual focus. While I’m not fully in the know about Zappar’s plans, I gotta say that keeping an eye out for future updates is always a good move. Who knows, they might just surprise us with some Insta magic! Btw, if you’re into boosting your social media game, check out this link: https://iа They’ve got some dope options to get more TikTok followers. Keep the faith and keep sharing, my friend!