Sharing on social media


Is there going to be any sharing possibilities with Instagram in the near future? I feel this would be an amazing addition in light of Zappar being a primarily visual medium.



Sorry I am a fool, I can see you can already do this…


Been there done that. Lol



I think i meant how can hashtags be used, in the way they are on Twitter…


As it is said, Instagram has and provides possibilities. But what’s really interesting and funny - you can’t post photos from PC on Instagram - this is strange when understanding ig is used by more than a billion people. By the way, you may be shocked probably, but I think your page should be immediately promoted. This is my idea so that you had already a great number of people who will be with you when you are making the first steps by uploading photos. The is a real services provider. I buy ig page likes and they deliver 100% real.