Setting a state to display an image


Hi im new to this and doing a project for college ive been watching the tutorials via youtube and on the zapworks website but ive hit a road block and hoping someone could advise. So ive set up my Zap in Studio and i have 3 buttons japan, china and korea. when the user taps japan it brings up 3 different buttons whilst hiding the original 3. the new buttons i have i want to link to a picture display and ive set up the state but when i tap it doesn’t do anything.
Ive set up the function that makes the picture visible when the samurai button is tapped but when i try to tap it nothing happens if anyone could help that would be great thanks


Could you show us some of your code and your hierarchy in your project?


hi there thanks for your response but i eventually worked it out. turns out i didnt place things correctly but i got it to work with 3 images a samurai, samurai helmet and the swords appear when the individual button is selected