Serious performance issues with Unity WebAR deployments


We just made a comparison to determine what works better for us WebAR with Zapworks Engine or with the Unity plugin. We have noticed that the performance with Unity is pretty low even if we just deploy a box as 3D object for our test. The frame rate and tracing quality is way below the Zapworks Studio WebAR output. Are there any limitations that we missed? We are experienced in Unity and would really like to make use of your Unity integration but from what we have seen so far we really can’t live with the tracking and the low frame rate.



Thanks for taking the time to test our SDK and sorry that you’ve noticed performance issues.

What device(s) and browser(s) were you testing on? We’ll have a look at recreating this internally and get back to you.

If possible would you also be able to provide any tracing information that shows frame rates over time etc? You can email me at if this is easy.

Thank you!

  • Jordan
    Platform Developer at Zappar.


Just a quick note that Jordan is on annual leave for the next week or so. Please can you send any response to :grin: