Replace symbol definitions bug


Hi there,

For my first project with Zapworks, I tried to make a simple car model following a berzier curve. I used the timeline and put many keyframes.

It works, but I soon decided to replace the 3d model. I used “Symbol Definition”, and changed it to a new symbol with 3d model, but can’t see any change. Then finally I restarted Zapworks application and can finally see the change. I think it’s a bug (Zapworks v6.2.8 stable, OSX).


Hi @MrPropre,

You can reset the scene preview at any time by clicking on the ‘Breadcrumb’ bar at the top (highlighted below).

When changing an objects ‘Source’ or ‘Symbol Definitions’ property, the Breadcrumb bar must be pressed to update the preview.

Hope this helps.



Hi George,

Thank you for your kind reply. The top bar don’t say anything about refreshing the scene in my version of zapworks, but it is a very useful tips :slight_smile:

I may suggest something? A “replace” option in right click menus would be really useful for such a simple task. I am still searching a quick way to replace a training picture inside Targets also :slight_smile: