Reload object position


Hi guys!!!.

Can I relocation an object or reload a-scene?.. is it possible?.

Please help me.




Hi @chrisvalear!

If I may ask, what type of tracking experience are you trying to make? This will help us answer appropriately :blush:

I am assuming that you are making an instant tracking experience using our Universal SDK for A-Frame and would like to reset the object after placing it?

Have an awesome day :grin:


Hi Francesca!

Yep I am using instant tracking and I would like to reset the object after placing it :slight_smile: is it possible?




Hello @chrisvalear!

Yes, it’s absolutely possible! You’ll have to create your own reset button :blush:

The way I usually do this in A-Frame is by creating another UI element (a div usually) in the index.html and then adding events to it using JavaScript.

If we look at the index.js of Zappar A-Frame Instant Tracking Webpack Bootstrap, we can see that we have a placement button that retrieves the tracking group and sets it’s placement-mode to false. A reset button would simply need to do the opposite of this! :tada:

Hopefully this helps and let me know if you need any more assistance!

All the best,


:grimacing: Mish!!! que tonto soy!..thanks a lot for help me!!! :slight_smile:

antoher question…can i use Z.stats.logEvent on Universal AR?





Hi @chrisvalear,

No worries! It’s my absolute pleasure to be of assistance :blush:

As it stands, there isn’t an equivalent to Z.stats.logEvent in UAR, so I’d recommend using something like Google Analytics in the meantime to do the same thing.

Have a great day! :sunglasses:


Hola muchas gracias por el apoyo.