Reasons why I cannot add MP4 to VideoTexture?


I want to use a VideoTexture as a material for a plane and add the video source to it. I added the video to the media library and then created the VideoTexture, selected my plane where I want to have the video played and set the material to the VideoTexture. But when selecting the VideoTexture I want to choose the mp4 file to the source property but the video file does not appear there.
How can I find out what is wrong here?
The video is 26MB size and 1920x1080 px, data rate is roundabout 3000 kBit/s and frame rate is 25.

Any clues?


Hi @vollrath. It might be that your video is too big . Based on your post it looks like your video exceeds the specifications of VideoTexture. Here is a link to some info that might help with VideoTexture. It outlines the specifications needed.

Hope this helps.



Hi @vollrath,

VideoTexture is an older implementation that uses ogg theora and decodes in software. What you need is just Z.Video which will work with mp4s and uses the native decoder (and is also a texture so can be assigned as a material).

It’s just New > Video rather than New > Textures > Video Texture. We should definitely make this clearer!

You can also just drag the mp4 from the Media Library to the hierarchy.

Hope that helps!


Video freezes at a last frame or keeps black but audio plays | Bug in Desktop Preview

Hey @simon, thanks for the help, that plays mp4 files. I now just need to figure out why I am only seeing a white plane and can hear the video playing without seeing the video itself.

I also tried to add an action “on finish” to the video which should launch a web link, but that never fires - no matter if I use the “Add” - Button below Actions in the properties or if I use rmb at the Video and add a “finish” handler in the script. The video just loops. I’ll report if I find out new things ;).