Publishing error with the tracking image


Hi! I having this problem with my tracking. When i upload the image the page tell me that its works perfectly, but when a continue its turns in negative and by pressing publish a masagge error pops up. Cant preview either. Any solution? Thanks!


Hi there,

Thanks for the image.

You most likely cannot publish content to your zapcode because there is no content on your zapcode. Try to add at least one content object (such as an image, video, sound etc) to publish your zapcode.

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Hi there,

Apologies for my previous reply.

I have gotten confirmation that the tracking image you’ve tried to upload uses the CMYK colour space, when ZapWorks supports RGB.

Please consider uploading the tracking image in the RGB colour space. This should stop your tracking image from being inverted upon upload.



Hi! Im very sorry for the late response, I’ve been busy with this project.

I managed to solve it before your answer and yes, those were the exact problems, CMYK color format and the absence of contenct linked to the zapcode.

Thanks for the second reply!