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I’m new to Zapworks and I’m doing one of the projects I found on one of Zapworks YouTube videos. But I can not figure out how to publish or print my project. The video stops short of explaining this process. I’ve also combed through the documentation and checked the forums and I cannot find an answer to what should be a simple question.

I have no idea what happens to my project once I press Publish. I cannot figure out where my project is being saved. And I cannot not figure out how to print my project.

I’m trying to evaluate this tool so that I can convince my manager at work to invest in this technology. I cannot do this is I cannot figure out how to make this work.

Please help. I’m getting incredibly frustrated.


You have to create first a Zapcode in your account on .
All the explanation in the doc here:


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Hi @dsteeleomaha,

Apologies for the late reply.

As @jvouillon mentioned, once you’ve created your project you can publish it to a zapcode.

Your project will be located on its page over on your ZapWorks account if it’s a Widgets or Designer experience. Studio projects are saved locally on your system and will appear in the Open Project list when you open Studio.

To view your content we recommend using a tracking image, which is an image you’ve designed in an external software, and have added your project’s zapcode to. You can check this video out for some more information.

Once you’ve uploaded your tracking image to your project, and published it, you can scan the image using our free Zappar app.

Hope this helps. If you have any other issues feel free to get in touch with

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