Program text is blurry until clicked


I have been using Zapworks for a bit and I notice the text in the program itself gets blurry now and then like a low res jpeg or something. Is this normal?


This is still a major issue on multiple computers with me. I would really like an answer please. Why the degradation? Why would the interface be compressed?


Hey @jamesdavisbeasley,

It’s a very strange issue and admittedly not one we’ve come across before.

Is there any chance you could send us the following information please:

  • System model and specs
  • Display configuration (i.e. external monitors, connection types, etc.)

Hopefully we’ll be able to narrow it down.



Hey, Thanks for the reply. Im running a windows 10 platform with an nvidia card. Like pretty much a ton of people. This is the only program that does this. Are you guys doing a web based build or something? It degrades when not hovered over with the mouse or with time, as if trying to save bandwidth or something!?!? This has happened on multiple machines for me. It looks like the interface is streaming or something, low res loading, then high res when “used” or hovered over by the mouse.


Zap works functionality is fantastic, it’s predictable and easy to learn. I use max and maya, and they integrate well, zap works only getting better. This weird bug or config issue or whatever has been my only problem


No that you said windows 10 I may know what your problem is. My main job is a IT repair and windows 10 will ask you it like it control you display or you content my look blurry. If you said no to this could be your problem. I dont know where to change the setting of had but you can Google it.



No this is not the issue. Every other program on my computer looks fine. I am also an IT professional, this is not an issue with my setup, it’s an issue with your program Zapworks. I have also stated that this happens on MULTIPLE computers.


Suggestions that I may not know how to configure my computer is not a great response to this. Especially in such broken mistyped words. Not inspiring a lot of confidence here guys. You need to be able to support your software properly if you expect it to be adopted as a solution.


Hi @jamesdavisbeasley,

I appreciate not finding a solution to this issue as yet is frustrating and we’re genuinely sorry for the inconvenience. We are continuing to investigate.

It is important to point out that people replying in our Forum threads are often members of our community and not Zappar members of staff. They’re replying voluntarily, in their own time, purely to try and help other users out. I can appreciate that somebody not knowing your professional background and perhaps typing informally may not have solved your problem. But users like this make a very valuable contribution to our community and are only attempting to help - I’d ask that you be respectful to them.

If in doubt, Zappar team members can be identified by the ‘Team Zappar’ label next to their screen names and are highlighted in yellow.

“Are you guys doing a webbased build or something?”

ZapWorks is not on a web-based build - it is an electron app but none of the content is streamed, so that would not be a factor in this case.

We’ve been discussing this with both our Support and Platform team today and it is genuinely an issue we have never knowingly encountered before.

If this issue occurs on multiple devices, do you know if there is a non-standard commonality between them? For example, a piece of software operating in the background on each device? Just so we can attempt to find a variable.

Other information that could help us try and isolate the issue would be:

  • Specs of each of your devices
  • A screenshot of background processes while you’re experiencing the blurry text
  • Are you using devices with multiple displays? There’s a known issue on Windows 10, for example, where multiple displays can end up making certain apps appear blurry.

Apologies again that you’re experiencing this issue - we’ll continue to try our best to find a solution for you.




I’m sorry if you felt I disrespected anyone. I’ve not been able to see where to contact a support team on this and I posted it two months ago. It’s frustrating when the first response about it is so incoherent and dismissive of the issue I was having, regardless who’s team they belong to. I feel a bit disrespected myself after paying as much as I did for the now obsolete kit I waited so long for.
I’d like to get support for this so if I need to apologize I then yes I am sorry if someone’s been offended.
I will put together the info I can for you to check if anyone is willing to help me. Thanks for your time and patience with my issue.




Did anyone find a solution?

I have the issue.


Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you’re having these issues.

You could try the following tips and tricks to see if this helps resolve your issue:

  • Reinstall your graphics card driver.
  • Uninstall and reinstall ZapWorks Studio.
  • Check the NVIDIA/ AMD control panel and force ZapWorks Studio to use your GPU.
  • Force your integrated CPU graphics to run ZapWorks Studio.

Hope these help, and let us know how you get on.