Play multiple timelines simultaneously via code?


This must be simple, but I can’t figure out how to play two timelines at the same time. It seems that invoking play() stops any timeline currently playing. IOW, having two successive play() calls to different timelines results in only the second timeline actually playing in its entirety.

Am I overlooking a simple trick to play 2 or more timelines asynchronously?


If I’m understanding your question right this post should help. Playing timelines in sequence via scriplt?


Thanks for the reply, @destery. Actually, I want to do the opposite of what’s described in that post. Instead of waiting until one animation is complete, I want to play more than one at the same time.


To play multiple timelines by code you need first create 2 instances of controller in controllers, then create 2 timelines (one for each) and call then typing as individual ones;