Just like Unity supports it. At least some simple things like gravity. It would make our lives much easier when making games for ZapWorks Studio, since we have to emulate physics in the best way we can and the results are often underwhelming. In some cases it would make some games possible to do that previously was unfeasible.


Hi @marcus,

We also believe that physics is a great tool which would improve workflow when creating experiences.

This is something that is definitely in our development pipeline but due to the complexity of the feature, we can’t give much more information than that.

As always, we will keep you up to date when new features and versions of Studio are ready for release. :smiley:

Hope this helps.



You guys should definitely consider adding a way to support external js libraries, to make ZapWorks Studio extendable. Want to do something ZapWorks Studio doesn’t offer out of the box? Oh, I can just import this js library and use it. For example, you wouldn’t need to reinvent the wheel if we could just import Matter.js for example.