Photosphere with multilingual hotspots

Hi there,

I would like to present a project which I did for my village’s library for free. The library has made a storybook that presents some typical views, traditions and real inhabitants of our village located in the Italian Dolomite region. As a giveaway I set up this project that via a Zapcode on the cover reveals a semi-transparent photosphere with village fotos and bilingual text. The idea is to give an insight to tourists what the drawn sceneries look like in reality.!cover



Hi @ausserhofere,

Thank you so much for sharing, what a lovely concept!

I really enjoyed this experience, it’s fascinating to learn about the culture in this way. :smile:

Have a great day!
Francesca :blush:

Thank you, Francesca, that is very kind of you. I am glad you like it!

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Hi there,

I work in Zappar’s Marketing team and we would love to include this in our monthly showcase, is this something you’d be interested in?


If you think it might of interest to somebody, please do.