PBR Offset


Hello everyone (again and again and again),

Is there anyway to do offset with the PBR material? I know that I can do it with the normal material by using the image texture or the transformed texture but this solution didn’t work with PBR materials :s

att, Higão.


Hey @higor,

Hope you’ve been well :slight_smile:

Could you give us an example of what you’re looking to do with the textures please?



Yeah Seb,

Like this:

1 - I putted this plane here;
2 - Then I setted this Image Texture;
3 - So I’ve done an animation with it, using the position propertie;

In this way I can do the texture move through the obj/plane. Understand?

att, Higão.


Thanks for clarifying @higor.

PBR materials are a type of material in ZapWorks Studio, which are functionally differently to image texture objects.

Image texture objects can be assigned an image, but not a material (as a material object includes a wrapped image texture). In other words, you should be able to use a texture file that’s been assigned to a material, but not the material itself.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Hello @Seb,

So this means that I can not do an offset with PBR materials because if I put the Albedo map into a texture node and make it happen, this texture won’t take the properties of the PBR. Isn’t really there a way to do this offset with PBR? I mean, that the offset take the propertie of the PBR material.

This would be very cool for water movements because the water by itself in PBR mode looks cool but with movement would be very better!

att, Higão.