onScreenObject subsymbol

I have been using the target manipulator template to try to create some experiences whereby the user can manipulate the model on all axes. I have updated the script as advised by Zappar but my finished experience is not what I’m looking for (target doesn’t behave as I expected). However I have found that the 3D photo feature template gives me the exact result I’m looking for in terms of manipulating the model. However, I don’t actually need the photo feature buttons. Simply deleting the button group from the heirarchy did not work, and neither does hiding it. I wonder if anyone can tell me is there a way for me to download the OnScreenObject subsymbol to use in a blank project and would this even work?

If you open a subsymbol within a project and hit the export button, you should be able to export “This symbol (and its children)” instead of “Whole Project”
Studio might ask you to commit a save before exporting, but exporting the symbol will give you a .zpp file that you can then drag and drop into your own project. I did it before with the score counter from the archery tutorial and worked just fine. :slight_smile:
Hope that helps!


Thanks very much!

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