Normal WebGL hosting without AR?

I’m really new to JS and I’m very comfortable with C#. So I use the Unity SDK.

I’ve used the AR features with success. Is there also a way to just use zapworks as the hosting service to embed some of my projects in the websites and such?

Far as I know and use, im assuming I can only use this as an AR feature.

Many people do not know what GPU VPS hosting is and all the benefits you can get from it.

The short answer is yes.

  1. Zappar has a file size limit for your WebGL zip files.
  2. Depending on how you would like to embed it to your site. You would need to setup something like an iframe to show it on your website or a new page link.
  3. From what I can tell Zappar doesn’t check your WebGL zip file to see if it has AR in it. So can you host non AR Unity WebGL on Zappar. I guess it just depends on what type of account you have with them.


Hi there! I’m new to this forum, and I wanted to share my experience with using Unity SDK and Zapworks as hosting service. I had success with the AR features but was curious about hosting non-AR projects.
After some research, I found out that there is a file size limit for your WebGL zip files on Zapworks. You might have to embed it on your site using an iframe or link to a new page. Additionally, I discovered a website at that could be helpful for hosting your non-AR Unity WebGL projects.I hope this information helps anyone who might have a similar question.