Need Help with Hiding Video Players in Multiple Photosphere Experience


I’ve developed a multiple 360 photosphere experience. On the fifth photosphere, I’ve added three video players. Everything works as intended, but the video players all still show beyond the fifth photosphere and can be seen from within all of the others, which is the problem.

I’ve added the ZPP file and would like any suggestions on how to resolve this. One idea I had was to hide and show the three video players when you enter and leave the fifth photosphere. However, I’m not sure how to code that.St Judes Imaging Prototype.zpp (7.6 MB)


just use the visible property of the video player. First, make the 3 elements invisible. Then, add the visible property, set to true, to the “5scan” state of the sphereTransition controller.
Done. :smile:


Thank you so much for that tip. It was a much easier solution than I thought and it works beautifully. I also learned a new approach to designing these experiences by using that workflow.