My FIRST completed Zappar project!



That’s great! Nice 3D model as well, did you design it yourself?


I hired this great guy from Fiverr dot com to model the base. He even downloaded Zappar studio to ensure that all the textures came in correctly lit, etc. I added my own textures and images. I am not yet done with the interface. This was step 1. Next I will have another pose and a few frames the users can turn on and off for things like Instagram and FB. Getting the model in was not as easy as I had hoped. So I hired out. In the end I paid $80 but was well worth it.



Dax, was great to work with. It was definitely a team effort, but I was happy to help him get the model fixed and into zappar. :pray::pray:


This is how I am distributing them. 250 Buttons at an international Adobe Convention