Multitarget image support in Studio?


I’m trying to build a experience with multiple image targets, but when I add the second image, the tracking for this one doesn’t work. Studio currently has support for multi target images?

I would look at my post here
I have a link to my post with code as well as Destery posted his code which is simpler code.

Just know both only work with the Zappar app. NOT the WebAR!!


So, there’s no possibility to build webar with multitarget image and studio?

I tested the starwars example with multitarget and Studio, and seems works in webar… but I don’t understant where’s the diference with my project and the star wars project, what I need to do to work the multitarget image? I see that in old post some say that we need to add Z.RequiresVersion.v440; in one of scripts but I checked all scripts of star wars project and there’s no added this line in any… any help?