Multiple models, same character, different to get it into one?


Hi team,
Hoping someone can point me in the right direct…here’s the situation.

I have a character with animation (multiple models, of the same character, with different animation…idle, walk, roar etc. Like you get from the Unity store which this is from).
I have the roar model and animation in the scene which is played when a button is hit. But how do I add the animation from the other models (idle, walk etc) to a timeline that this main character can access?

I’m wanting the character to loop with idle then play the ‘roar’ animation when the button is tapped. Then return to the idle after a few seconds…which is another problem…how can I play an animation in reverse to return it back to the original idle pose?

Hoping someone can help!


The Penalty Shootout Game will help show you how to set up a model with animation.

Ps. Are you from Warwick,NY? I’ve been there :blush: Shootout Game


Thanks Steve,
I’ll take a look.

P.S. Nope not from NY…I’m in Australia :slight_smile: