Moving an object in Universal AR with Unity

I have a button enabled that seems to register “touch” as it flickers when touched. I have written a movement script and added it to my game object, then created an Event Trigger in the button properties… Which type of trigger would you need to select when using a button in WebGL?

I tried pointer down and added the game object to it, but when I looked for the method from the script, it wasn’t visible (despite being “public void” with no parameters.

So…am I going about it in the right way or should this be done in a different way? Thanks!


There isn’t a special WebGL button. It’s all the same.
I would need to see your code to know why it’s not showing up.


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I’ll have another look myself, just good to know am going in right direction - thanks! Which of the event types would it be? Is pointer up/down the equivalent of tapping a button with your finger?

Ok so my code is in a script that’s attracted to my canvas.

From there I just click the “+” to add to the on click list.
You will get a new item in the list with 3 boxes.
Runtime only, None (Object) and No Function.
I drag the Canvas from the Hierarchy to the None (Object).
In my script that is attracted to my canvas I have a public function I want to run.
Now in the No Function list you will see the name of the script and in that you can find the function you would like to run.