Materials not showing on Droid

Hi there,

I’ve been experiencing issues viewing models on my droid when importing from Sketchfab. The models appear properly in studio editor, then when published they also appear properly on the desktop viewer and my iPhone but not on my Droid. I have experienced this with about 90% of my Sketchfab imports on my Droid. Has anyone else experienced this and know how to work around? Thank you.


Hi @jpercival.8,

I know we’ve been chatting about this via our support channel. I thought I’d pop a message in this thread as well just in case anyone else runs into something similar.

Some of the things we found were:

  • SketchFab models are generally imported as glb models when using the integration. In most cases this will be fine but on some browsers there are some inconsistences. As a quick workaround, downloading the model from SketchFab itself as a different format (not glb) should work.
  • Some SketchFab models have texture files that aren’t in a power of 2, this can sometimes cause issue in the browser and therefore not assign the material to the model correctly. It’s worth checking the image texture file sizes and make sure they aren’t larger than 2048px in either dimension. Also converting / resizing them to be a power of 2, 1028x512px for example.